So, I created a formal page for these links. If you want me to add your blog to this list, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email through my contact form.

100WordAnime - Short posts used to be my style, so it's fun to read them. Such low time commitment! If you're into longer reviews, though, the full-season reviews tend to be lengthier.

Anime Nano - An aggregation of anime blogs for when you're looking for more stuff.

Freelance Anime Blog

Happy Peach - Can be a bit inconsistent at times, but hey...stuff to read, right? More similar to my style, I guess?

Kai's Anime Blog - More on the editorial side of blog posts.

Nightsworn's Blog - Focuses a bit more on voice acting.

Nishi Nishi-chan - Reviews and episodic impressions on some select shows of the season.


Yahari Bento - Bit of a cluster of themed posts.

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