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Song of the Week 16: Toki Wo Kizamu Uta

So, both links are for the same song, but this time with a twist. First off, the song itself...I've always like this song and it has [...]

Song of the Week 15: Burst Link

So I recently got the Accel World soundtrack and have been listening to the songs on it. Preliminarily, I'm gonna say this is my current favorite [...]

Song of the Week 14: Akatsuki no Kuruma

I'm kinda re-discovering just how great the Gundam SEED soundtrack is with stuff like this. I'm not sure why, but the songs just didn't all register [...]

Song of the Week 13: The Beginning

This week, we're going with the new single from ONE OK ROCK that just got released a week or so ago. What can I say? I [...]

Song of the Week 12: Ready to Go

I like the Guilty Crown soundtrack way too be fair, it's one of the few soundtracks I know that is really rock-ish in their style. [...]

Song of the Week 11: Furnace of War

More video game music. Since I'm attempting (valiantly) to play through the Japanese version of Tales of Vesperia (isn't it awesome that the PS3 isn't region [...]

Song of the Week 10: Senbonzakura

Sure hope this is the right song. Theoretically, this is Kakichoco's version of Senbonzakura (the original is a vocaloid song by Hatsune Miku). Sorry to say, [...]

Song of the Week 9: Rise

Opening from Ghost in the Shell because I couldn't find sharp# on youtube >.> While I haven't had the time to see the show, I've heard [...]

Song of the Week 8: She

I was going to use "Unlimited Sky" by Tommy Heavenly6, but apparently that's impossible to find on Youtube. So instead, we'll go with my favorite song [...]

Song of the Week 7: Justice and Freedom

Say what you will about the series...this is a great song. It definitely suits scenes in space really well (it's Gundam, after all). The beginning seems [...]

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