Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne Episode 9: Back to questing

The girls continue to earn their keep

Well, this week's episode didn't make the most progress in the world, but I suppose the girls need to upgrade their base of operations. Does this technically count as the onsen episode? I guess it's possible that the relationship with Booneclift becomes important later. Other than that, the episode is a fairly straightforward quest to capture a wyvern.

Guild girl explains the quest

The bit at the beginning about the difficulties of facing a wyvern was pretty entertaining. I've played enough D&D to appreciate when the monsters are smart enough to retreat. I'm kind of curious why it's only the wyvern that's a problem in this regard, but maybe intelligent creatures are rare in this world.

Mile prepares the next unit

The extended gag for this episode is Mile's secret plan of tossing her comrades directly into the fight. I can't say I fully disagree with this plan, to be fair. I do somewhat get the sense that several scenes could have been explained better. Pauline gets an idea of her own, but she passes out before anything can be done.

Reina gets excessively embarrassed to the point of stripping in the forest for some reason. These feel like moments that would be more fleshed out in the novel.

Mile recounts the story of the wyvern

Booneclift's story about the wyvern is definitely a reference, but it's such a common story that I'm not sure which one it's supposed to be. I guess it was funny to see Mile arguing with him about the name of the Wyvern.

Booneclift asks for aid

This scene was unexpectedly hilarious to me for some reason. Maybe it's the combination of the faces with Booneclift's surprisingly accurate statement.

The girls spend their money

I mean, I can't really argue with these priorities.

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