No Guns Life Episode 6: Stuck in the past

Olivier smells something

This week's episode goes back to Juuzou doing his own investigations, and I quite like it. Things have gotten crazy with Tetsurou's appearance, so I think it's nice to see Juuzou do his actual job. The overall story isn't anything new, but the episode does a great job of introducing Kronen and telling us more about the Extended.

Olivier introduces the target

The episode does a good job in the beginning with Olivier's request. It gave the strong sense that Gondry is connected to the death of her father without being super obvious about it. In fact, this entire episode gives me the sense that something more must be going on. Gondry seems to reveal himself too easily, and Olivier seems to be identify his victims too easily. Is it really so straightforward?

Juuzou investigates the victim

As I mentioned before, the idea of the former soldier going after his former allies isn't particularly new, but I do like the added story about the original Extended projects. I was expecting this to directly tie Juuzou into his past, but it looks like these soldiers only have a vague connection to him.

Kronen insults Juuzou

This is a small scene, but I think it's great. The essential message here is that Kronen likes the "vintage" nature of his body too much to upgrade it with technology. That ties in with his choice of car, which is a nice touch. Other than that, I think Kronen and Juuzou has a funny relationship to watch.

Army shows off his power

Is the implication here supposed to be that Juuzou's extensions are based off of this guy?

Juuzou praises the child

Once again, I do get the feeling that this story is progressing too smoothly. The child was pretty obviously suspicious, so part of me wonders if there's more to Gondry's intentions. Kronen makes a small comment about whether Gondry truly was in Tindalos at one point in this episode, which is part of why I'm feeling paranoid about the developments.

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