Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 5: Day off with Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh joins the party

Well, this week's episode certainly escalated quickly, but it was cool to see Gilgamesh in action. I find this whole deal with Enkidu to be interesting so far, since he's clearly struggling with something. His relationship with Gilgamesh also seems to have some complexity to it. Personally, I felt like the battle in this episode wasn't as impressive as previous ones, but maybe that's just me.

Gilgamesh talks with the people

Maybe it's just the added layer of seeing him in his element, but this version of Gilgamesh seems to have a lot more going for him. I think it's great to see how he interacts with his subjects in this episode. He comes off as a reasonable king. In addition to that, his interactions with Mash and Ritsuka felt nice and genuine.

Gilgamesh talks with the observatory workers

This one scene in the observatory did have me curious. It comes across as another one-off scene showing Gilgamesh at work, but it has the foreboding nature of a secret meeting. It seems innocent enough, but I wonder if Gilgamesh is working on something else in the background.

Gilgamesh brings up a memory with Enkidu

I really liked Gilgamesh's entrance here. It's cool that he and Enkidu have similar abilities, and it was hilarious to hear him call Enkidu out for claiming to come up with his tactics. As for the fight itself, it leaned more towards the flashy side with the massive energy blasts and whatnot. It's not the kind of thing I tend to find appealing, but I still think there were some good moments with Gilgamesh's axe.

Gilgamesh analyzes Enkidu

I would normally think that Gilgamesh is just saying things here, but this episode actually does back up what he says. In the final moments, we clearly see Enkidu miss his attack on Gilgamesh, so it's completely within reason to say that Gilgamesh narrowly avoided death. It seems like Enkidu might be battling against his real personality, since he's having trouble fighting against his old friend.

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