Babylon Episode 4: Building a case

Zen searches for Kaika

I guess we need some time to build back up after the crazy ride in the previous episode. This week's episode ended up being a slower episode comparatively, filled with legal interpretation. To be fair, though, I didn't think it was particularly boring as a result. It seems to be setting itself up well, and I look forward to seeing what comes out of it.

The hunt begins

Much of the episode is devoted to the manhunt for Kaika Itsuki. I personally think it's interesting that the characters in the series are treating him as the ultimate mastermind. I guess only Zen and the audience know about Ai. That being said, I do find it suspicious that Kaika never appears on screen in this episode. Perhaps his appearance in the previous episode was the last one he could make.

The prosecutors discuss how to charge Kaika

Huh, so this is what being a lawyer is like. I almost forgot that Zen is actually a prosecutor. This scene somehow feels out of place despite being a clear depiction of the main character doing his job.

Zen meets Hiasa

So, did anyone else immediately suspect that Hiasa was Ai in disguise when she walked into the office? She seems like a legitimate character so far, but the episode still hasn't dissuaded me of that. After all, Ai is supposed to be a master of disguise. I'd probably be more convinced if Yoshifumi came in and confirmed it, but even that wouldn't be conclusive. I could totally see a future scene where Yoshifumi declares that this isn't the real Hiasa, though.

A kid begs for help

I'm curious about how much of the episode seems devoted to showing how unpopular the suicide law is. The series seems to be giving clear indication that the law will ultimately fail. I can only assume that the opposite will happen. I was also under the impression that the suicide law could just be a smokescreen for something else, but that might be too random at this point.

Finding the actions of the suicide victims

I do like this show's general depiction of police work, though. It's not super flashy so far, and the investigation makes sense from my perspective. I'm just waiting for everything to go off the rails.

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