Houkago Saikoro Club Episode 4: Recruitment tactics

Midori isn't able to help

It's nice that the series is shifting focus away from Miki towards its other characters. While following its trend of introducing a new character per episode, it shines the light on Midori and her past for a change. To be fair, her motivations are interesting, but her story is fairly straightforward so far. I'm hoping there's more to it for the future.

Ren is bored with the ideas

The main driving force for the episode is Ren Shibusawa, the vice chair of the student council. She has a particular attitude that I dislike, but I like how Midori responds to her. Ren's got a pushy attitude as she tries to impose her way. Even though her intentions seem positive, the episode kind of portrays them as a facsimile of the student council chair.

Ren can't believe Midori's dream

That being said, I can appreciate that Ren's trying to improve herself, even though she often stumbles, so I don't think she's a bad person. Based on her description, Midori actually seems like a decent counterpart for Ren, since she's generally more obstinate.

Midori explains the game

The game for this week is 6 nimmt, which certainly seemed like a fun and quick number game. As usual, it would have been nice to see more of the game. It definitely seemed simple, but I wonder how much the randomness of the cards factors into strategy.

Ren wins one

This was probably my favorite scene in the episode. It's just another screenshot in the game montage, but it's funny that Ren celebrates pulling one over on Aya, a character who has already shown the audience her terrible luck in these games.

Ren admits defeat

Well, I guess I have to hand it to Ren for not being a sore loser.

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