Babylon Episode 2: Hard questions

Fumio asks Zen for his motivations

I guess things aren't looking great for Zen now. I'm still not sure how to process the ending of the episode, but at least the third episode is already out. If the next episode truly wraps up this story in some way, then I applaud the effort to release the episodes at once. This is clearly the kind of series that's hard to keep track of across multiple weeks.

Zen questions Emiko

The main focus of this episode is the interrogation of Emiko Hiramatsu, a woman somehow associated with Ano from the previous episode. The interrogation itself is done in a cool way, cutting between Zen's investigation and the questions with solid timing. It makes less sense in the beginning, but it starts to fall in place when they get to the ryokan.

Emiko talks about her actions at the ryokan

I also like how the episode sets the tone of the interrogation. It's not just the visual presentation that's eerie, but also the way Emiko talks and seems to take pleasure in the whole encounter. I felt a sense of unease pretty much every time she said something.

Ano is watched

I really should have taken notes while I was watching this episode. It's so hard to keep track of the political parties involved in this entire scandal. From what I've gathered so far, the trouble in the investigation comes from the fact that multiple parties seemed to be involved, making it hard to pin things like Fumio's murder on Nomaru.

Emiko pities Zen

In the end, I still get the strong sense this story is more about the woman than the political candidates, despite Zen's own obsession with the mayoral election. I'm not sure if Emiko is supposed to be a completely new character or the unidentified woman from the first episode. Given that the episode basically starts focused on her, I feel like she has to be someone we've seen before.

Zen must give his report

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to make of the final scene in the episode. Nomaru's appearance makes it seem like Zen has been sold out by his superior, which I think would be an interesting development. I guess we'll have to find out in the next episode.

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