Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia Episode 2: Meeting Merlin

Enkidu looks over the battle

Strangely enough, I thought that this episode was much more entertaining than the first episode, despite liking Ishtar as a character from the game. The visuals were less noticeably jarring in this episode, and I think the story seems initially interesting. Oh, and the facial expressions in this episode helped. I really can't help myself in that regard.

Enkidu's secret is discovered

This series wastes no time with Enkidu's betrayal. It makes for a pretty cool fight, and I think the development itself comes out of nowhere. I think it's great that Merlin ends up using historical knowledge to reveal that Enkidu had been lying.

Roman can't accept Merlin

Merlin's entrance as a whole is hilarious. I liked his interactions with Da Vinci and Roman (and Fou, for that matter). There's also something funny about him being labeled as the "embodiment of dishonesty" when he's the one who pointed out Enkidu's own deception.

Merlin is a dishonest man

Merlin's own story as a Servant is a bit sketchy, though. I guess it makes sense that he's being summoned to an era in which he doesn't exist, but using the "dead before you were born" argument seems questionable. When Emiya was summoned from the future, at least he had died in the future.

Ana accepts some cookies

This is definitely a tangent, but Ana is surprisingly adorable.

Ritsuka and Mash meet Gilgamesh

I also like Gilgamesh's portrayal in this episode. We immediately see him acting as a fairly responsible king, which is in line with his portrayal in Fate/Stay Night. He's ambitious and possessive, but he respects his subordinates. I'm curious to see how his fight against Mash and Ritsuka will go next week.

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