Special 7 First Impressions (1): Power of Justice

Seiji is saved by a mysterious cop

I get the vague sense that my first impressions this season have been following some kind of repetitive trend, but I'm sure it's all in my head. Up next, we have a supernatural cop drama set in a slightly fantasy world. It's hard to judge this show so far, especially since the fantasy part of it quickly disappears, but I thought this first was decent. I'm not the biggest fan of the main character, but I feel like the cast is large enough to make this work out.

The world is explained

The series takes place in a modern-day fantasy world. It resembles reality, but adds in some elves, dwarves, and other fantasy races. The main character, Seiji Nanatsuki, is inspired to become a detective after he is saved by one in a terrorist attack. Soon after getting the job, he is thrust into a hostage situation that leads to him joining Special 7, an investigation unit specifically tasked with investigating a group called the Nine.

Seiji has a bad day off

As I alluded to earlier, this episode doesn't do the best job of establishing its world. It seems much more focused on introducing its main two characters, Seiji and Shiori. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it was easy for me to forget that this takes place in a fantasy world. It practically never comes up.

Shiori insults Seiji

I'm not fully sold on Seiji and Shiori yet. From the first episode, it seems pretty clear that they're meant to be two opposites ends of the spectrum. Shiori is the brains of the operation, coming up with plan after plan, and Seiji is the brawn, able to somehow dodge bullets at close range. One of those seems much more plausible than the other for some reason...

Shiori figures out a hostage is the culprit

There's a smaller mystery in this episode, and I actually quite liked it. It didn't go the way I expected, but it also felt like something I could have figured out if I had thought more about it. For an introduction, it at least seems a little bit accessible.

Shiori comes up with plans

My favorite part of the episode was watching Shiori come up with multiple plans to save the hostages and having each of them rejected. I guess I just like seeing the main characters going through their options, rather than immediately doing something that works.

Seiji and Shiori are saved

I was honestly prepared to call this episode out for hitting some weird "suspension of disbelief" points, but this one again goes back to what I was saying earlier about the fantasy world. Slashing bullets feels more reasonable when there's something supernatural going on in your setting.

Seiji is forced to join

Seiji's recruitment into Special 7 could also have been a bit more smooth. It sounds like he was transferred just because he was involved in a case that vaguely related to Nine. As far as explanations go, that's pretty weak.

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