Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia First Impressions (1): Humanity's last stand

Ritsuka and Mash fall into Mesopotamia

I look forward to being reamed for having played this game while only paying half attention to the story. I might have had a chance, but it seems that the series decided to skip right to singularity seven. On that note, I'll say upfront that I think this episode makes more sense if you've watched First Order (it was an OVA from a while back). With that out of the way, I thought that this episode was entertaining. It jumps right into things and features some fun introductions.

The seventh Grail is found

If you're not as familiar with the story, the series follows the activity of Chaldea, a magical organization tasked with defending the future of humanity. They do this by using "Rayshift" technology to send Masters to the past to fix anomalies. After one of their leaders betrays them, humanity is left with only one remaining Master, Ritsuka Fujimaru (which is why he's referred to as the "Last Master" in this episode). Together with Mash Kyrielight, his Servant, he travels to save humanity from extinction by recovering the Holy Grail left in each time period.

Ritsuka and Mash miss their target

As you may have gathered from the episode, the Babylonia story takes place in Ancient Mesopotamia, the last of the seven main time periods from the game. From my own experience, this was a singularity that took a while to clear, so I'm probably coming at this series with a slightly biased opinion.

Mash faces off against an Uridimmu

From a visual perspective, I thought that this episode felt a bit weaker in comparison to the other mobile game adaptations. In particular, the enemy Uridimmu looked ridiculous in many of their scenes. However, I think that it does a much better job with the fight choreography. The attacks make sense and they're easy to follow. The series also seems to commit to the gore when the enemies die.

Ishtar meets her cushion

I also liked Ishtar's portrayal in this episode. Her fight scene is great (for one reason or another), and her personality is hilarious. She's arguably just a clone of Rin for this series, but I can't really complain.

Enkidu explains the situation

I look forward to seeing this story unfold. Humanity has put together one last stronghold to face off against the gods, which sounds cool. It has that "catastrophe" vibe to it that I tend to like.

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