Azur Lane First Impressions (1): All of the ships

The story of Azur Lane's formation

As the first of the mobage trio, this episode was a strong start. The episode seemed like a large character exhibition for fans of the game, while it introduced the three starter characters. To that end, we get to see a large-scale naval battle to show the girls in action, which was pretty cool. As a result, I think the episode does a good job of garnering interest right off the bat.

Unicorn hides behind Illustrious

The story centers around a military alliance called Azur Lane, which formed between world leaders to fend off an unknown enemy called Siren. The series picks up some time after the Siren threat is neutralized. As we enter the story, two of the organizations forming Azur Lane, Iron Blood and the Sakura Empire, betray the alliance and declare war against the Eagle Union and the Royal Navy (basically, World War II).

Laffey is tired

As for more specific events, much of the first half of this episode focuses on a fetch quest for Unicorn. It introduces Ayanami, Laffey, and Javelin as main characters (they're the starter ships in the game), and basically gives them a reason to explore the academy. As a result, we can get various cameos from the huge cast of ships from the game. If your favorite ship is in Eagle Union or Royal Navy, she was probably in this episode.

The battle begins

Surprisingly enough, I thought that the battle animation in this episode was solid. Much of the episode focuses on aircraft carriers and destroyers, but it looked great. The CGI fox (wolf?) thing was a bit overboard, but I didn't really have many visual complaints otherwise.

Ayanami faces off against Javelin

This might just be me, but I would have preferred to see more depth to the close combat. The episode handles the ship wars well, but I don't think there's as much to see when the ship girls start using their melee weapons.

Enterprise takes down Kaga

That can't be good for Kaga. But yeah, I thought that this episode was really entertaining. It might have been because I spent most of it taking screenshots of ships I recognized, but who can say?

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