Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu First Impressions (1): Take over the new world

A plane appears out of nowhere

If one overpowered protagonist isn't enough, just add more. Jokes aside, this series follows seven scions of the modern world as they are mysteriously transported to another world. Using their vast talents, they vow to help this world as they attempt to find a way back home. Given that one of the seven, Tsukasa Mikogami, is a politician, you can probably expect the group to interact heavily with the organizations in their new world, Freyjagard. I think that would make things interesting.

The characters are introduced

This one-by-one introduction for the seven main characters felt a bit long. I guess it's good to know who we're dealing with, but this almost feels like an infodump. Surely, there's a better way to do this.

Tsukasa is fed

Dang, Tsukasa works fast. The general concept behind this series gets around a lot of the "convenience" you'd normally see in isekai stories, which tend to assume that the average protagonist just retains every piece of knowledge they've ever come across. It's not like it's any different, but at least it's explained, right?

The magic of mayonnaise

I guess all good isekai shows should involve new foods.

Ringo fixes their phones

Surprisingly enough, I find some of the crazier parts of this episode to be somewhat plausible. Fixing the group's smartphones doesn't imply full functionality (as it did with a certain other isekai series). Basic, low-level communication between the phones shouldn't be too hard to establish, even in another world. I'd make a comment about keeping the phones charged, but there was something about a mini nuclear reactor somewhere in there. Admittedly, that one's kind of pushing it.

Tsukasa threatens the guards

Tsukasa tends to take center stage in this episode, but I think that the stories tend to get spread around the characters based on what I remember. As the charismatic character in the group, Tsukasa has to do a fair amount of the talking, though.

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