Carole & Tuesday Episode 23: Planning a miracle

Angela has a visitor

My opinion of this show hasn't changed much with the recent episodes. It finally looks like things are coming together for the ending, but it still feels rushed. I don't mind the idea of having the musicians band together, but the political angle of this series seems flimsy. At this point, I assume the final episode will just be an extended cameo for every character in the series, so we'll have to see.

Spencer talks to Tuesday

I'm not sure how I feel about Spencer's conversation with Tuesday. I think it's important for getting the idea of mothers in Tuesday's head for the final song, but I also think it's meant to indicate a redemption arc for Valerie. I think it's too easy to make Jerry out as the sole bad guy in this series.

Carole comes up with a plan

I like seeing Carole and Tuesday choose to take action in response to the political climate of this series, but I also think that the message is heavy-handed. Gus also kind of oversells it by calling the event "miraculous". I understand that censorship can often get out of hand, but I don't think this series has done a good job of letting it get that far yet. From what's been shown so far, it's more like the series is suggesting that music relies on the ability to make a political statement to survive, which seems wrong.

Carole and Tuesday visit Angela

I actually think Angela has a decent backstory in this episode. Despite her behavior, I can believe that she chose her careers to make people happy. I think that it's also sad to see a sense of desperation in her shift to music. It's nice to see Carole and Tuesday go to her for help as well.

Tuesday thinks of a song topic

I think that "mother" could work as a focus for the show's final song, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to accept a change of heart from Valerie. At this point, it seems unearned. Maybe the upcoming conversation with Spencer will help with that.

Tao finally arrives

Well, it's about time. I'm half-expecting Tao to use phone reception in his AI dungeon as an excuse in the next episode.

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