Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Episode 9: Zombie chef

Hephaestion questions Iskandar

Well, I guess the plot continues to thicken. This week's episode seemed like a weird detour (a bit literally), but I suppose Waver needs some time to wake up. I think I can somewhat see things starting to come together, so I look forward to seeing how the series progresses.

Waver explains Invocation

I don't know if I'm being unintentionally dense with this series, but I always find myself second-guessing my understanding after seeing the explanations. So, let me get this straight. Invocation is basically a budget version of the Servant summoning used in the Grail War that involves allowing the Heroic Spirit to temporarily possess a mage's body. That certainly makes the identification of suspects more interesting.

Olga-Marie deduces Waver's intentions

I liked seeing Olga-Marie figure out Waver's intentions on the Rail Zeppelin based on what she's seen already. She's pretentious, but at least she has a brain to back it up. I always find characters who go through that kind of deductive reasoning to be cool.

Shishigou talks with an old friend

Jean-Mario was a pretty funny character to introduce to the series. I wasn't expecting Trisha's death to be linked to a series of deaths from the past, but it certainly makes me feel better about suspecting her. That's especially the case after hearing that Trisha also asked Jean-Mario about it. I'm sure it'll just end up being revealed that she was independently looking for the culprit, but I can always hope.

Melvin makes his entrance

I have to hand it to Melvin. He makes a strong entrance. Yeesh, how did he even find the train?

Olga-Marie finds the secret spell

Hmm, this definitely looks like some sort of storage spell that was specifically intended for Olga-Marie to find. Given the comment about the precise coordinates of the spell within the train, it certainly seems like something that a person who could see the future might prepare. I'm just throwing that out there. I don't know how Adashino is supposed to factor into this, though.

Gray resolves herself

Gray seems to be having a lot of fun out there. Add certainly seems to have some cool powers, so I'm curious to see more of their fight in next week's episode.

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