Carole & Tuesday Episode 19: A big performance

Carole and Tuesday plan their entrance

I didn't think about it as much last week, but I like how the Cydonia Festival is framed as a second chance in this episode. I had forgotten that they never actually got to play the first time, so it's nice to see the girls taking their shot at revenge seriously. As a general comment on the series, I'm still wondering where it's headed. I know we have the weekly reminder about their miraculous performance, but it's a weird, meandering road to get there.

Tao investigates the AI

The security camera snooping angle wasn't too hard to guess, but I guess it's interesting to see Tao being so proactive. I'm sure it's easy for him to say that he's just protecting his "product", but this week's episode seems to be the first time he's been willing to listen to Angela's complaints. I haven't been the biggest fan of the stalker development for Angela, but I guess it helps that she's potentially getting closer to Tao.

Tao meets with the consultant

Well, this meeting goes pretty much how I would have guessed.

Carole finds a familiar face

Carole's refugee past always seemed like a way to keep her past nebulous, so I like that this episode seems to be pushing her into the light. I'm hoping this isn't just a way for the series to prop up a different character as a sacrificial lamb for Valerie in Carole's place. I think it would be good to see more of Carole's life growing up alone.

Ertegun regains his image

I think Ertegun plays off the crowd decently in his performance. To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of Angela's song with him, but I liked his initial performance (before she goes on stage). I used to listen to that style of music, so it ended up working for me.

Black Knight attacks

Why did Cybele feel so much more effective as a creepy stalker character? Maybe this stalker incident has been dragged out too much. Anyway, I've mentioned before that I think this works to get Angela closer with Tao. I also wonder how much of it is meant to give Carole and Tuesday the opportunity to catch up (I've said this before).

Carole and Tuesday change up their performance

I respect Carole and Tuesday for sticking with their guns and foregoing the flashy entrance. I tend to like slower songs, so I preferred their performance over Angela's performance. I also thought it was funny to see the backup band used to snap their fingers in the background.

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