Sewayaki Kitsuno no Senko-san Review: Time to relax

Kuroto wants to go home

I can't help but enjoy a good fluff show, and this series takes that much more literally. The series follows Kuroto Nakano, a salaryman who doesn't have the greatest work-life balance, and his live-in fox spirit, Senko. Seeing Kuroto's work anxiety personified as harmful negative energy, Senko takes it upon herself to pamper him and relieve his pent-up stress.

Senko-san appears

This isn't really the greatest series to watch for story. To be honest, there's not too much going on, as it's a slice of life series focused on the "healing" concept that is interwoven into its premise. I tended to like the series for how it presents Kuroto dealing with his work issues, and Senko's over-the-top reactions to learning about work culture. That part of the series was the most relatable to me.

Senko forces Kuroto to accept the pampering

Each episode ends with a first-person point of view with Senko pampering the "viewer" in a similar manner to earlier events in the episode. To be honest, I tended to skip those sections, but yeah...they're there. From a character perspective, the series has a fairly limited cast. The majority of the characters is covered by the secondary pair of Shiro, another fox spirit, and Yasuko Kouenji, the mangaka version of Kuroto. In my opinion, the secondary pair has a stronger set of personalities than the primary pair, but who am I to judge?

Senko offers her tail

There really isn't too much else to say about this show. I saw it as a great way to take a load off at the end of the day, so maybe you will too. Now, I'm back to cooking my own meals and wishing my workplace offered more holidays.

Final Score: 7/10

I mean, what can I say?

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