Carole & Tuesday Episode 17: Finding glory

Ertegun makes some good decisions

This week's episode was an interesting turn for Ertegun, but I felt like it was generally lacking in subtlety. I don't mind that Carole and Tuesday take a back seat in the series either, since the character stories that are being shown have been fun. It looks like the girls are steadily making progress, so I don't think it's detracting too much from them. I did kind of wish that Ertegun would support the girls after his incident, but I guess it's too much to ask.

Ertegun loses everything

I liked the idea of having Ertegun lose everything. I think it would be great if his character makes a larger shift as a result. I also thought it was funny that the episode blatantly shows him with a shirt that says "who am I" while he's struggling. But I think the episode overreaches by shining a giant spotlight on that shirt and mirroring it with a news headline.

Tuesday worries for Carole

It's nice of Tuesday to worry about Carole, but I'm a bit skeptical about this scene. It's not hard to make the connection between Valerie and Carole based on Valerie's proposed policies, so I'm not a fan of seeing the show point a finger at it. I guess I don't really get what this scene adds.

Spencer leaves

It's kind of cool to see Spencer ditching his mother, though. He seemed to be making a concerted effort to stay, but no one was listening to him.

Ertegun psyches himself up

There's something intriguing about watching Ertegun inevitably pull himself out of his slump. His recovery is basically an extended inner monologue, which usually isn't too effective. I'm not sure what that says about him, though.

The stalker takes out Aaron

To be honest, Aaron was a little creepy, so I'm not too upset to see him go. I'm curious about what Tao says in an earlier scene regarding Aaron's programming ability. It's probably meant to partially exonerate him by mentioning that he doesn't have the skills to do what the stalker does. But that certainly doesn't look great for Tao.

Tao refuses to give up Angela

In contrast to other parts, I think Tao's relationship with Ertegun is handled pretty well in this episode. Tao initially reacts to the article about Ertegun's bankruptcy, which sets up their inevitable conversation. Ertegun's pitch for the song was also a funny scene.

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