Kanata no Astra Episode 6: Parental guidance

Ulgar mysteriously has a gun

Wow, I forgot that this series had an opening theme. It's been so long. Ulgar's character progression went about where I expected, but this episode still managed to raise some interesting plot threads. It seems like there's something going on with the situation back at home. It's way too suspicious at this point. I'm also curious to see how Charce is handled in the next episode. He seems too strange to be another red herring.

Ulgar's brother acts as an inspiration

I don't know why I expected Ulgar to come from a hunting family. The journalist thing threw me for a loop, but I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised after seeing his father. Also, I thought it was heartwarming to see Ulgar's motivations stemming from his brother overall.

Luca reveals his true nature

Well, I was never going to guess this one. But that aside, Kanata's thought process in this scene intrigues me. I had the same idea that the characters seemed to have a rough relationship with their parents. Are they all castaways that their parents are trying to eliminate? I'm sad that Kanata doesn't follow this line of thinking too far.

Luca and Ulgar are caught up in the water

Oh hey, it's the plot device from Interstellar. Good times...

The group discusses Ulgar's brother

Part of me thinks that it would be funny if Ulgar's brother turns out to be a sketchy journalist who was killed for doing something unsavory, but I also think that it wouldn't be a satisfying conclusion. It would definitely be interesting if Ulgar was killed for discovering the plot to kill Ulgar. Who knows?

Aries doesn't remember Charce

I didn't think this would be the reason that Aries was given photographic memory, but I'll take it. I like the idea of Charce being called out on an innocent lie if this truly does stick. I think it would be cool if the crew figures out that Charce is a problem and just has to deal with it for the rest of the journey.

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