Granbelm Episode 5: A desperate wish

Japanese is okay

Okay, this episode didn't go where I thought it was going, and I feel like I enjoyed it more as a result. I think this episode did a lot to sell Mangetsu as a character. I had a fairly low opinion of her before this point. It also had some cool robot fights. That aside, it looks like next week's episode might be making attempts to address Anna's character issues. I sure hope she has a decent reason for being upset with Shingetsu.

Nene chooses to fight fairly

I definitely fell for the show's trick in the previous episode. I was convinced that Nene would try to form a team with the main characters, but she had much more pride than I thought. I respect that she's willing to recognize that she was everyone else's target and choose to fight fairly despite that.

Mangetsu tries to track Nene

I do think that the fights in this series are interesting, but I question how they split the time between Granbelm and normal life. It's starting to feel like the months just past by in an instant, which makes me question why the fights have to happen monthly in the first place. I get that the full moon has its own significance, but I feel like there should be more of a story element to it.

Kuon finds out about her sister

It's strange to see Kuon struggle against a single enemy when she seemed to easily handle multiple opponents in her introduction. I'm sad that this fight didn't get much development with Mangetsu's fight against Nene taking most of the focus. I really liked the idea of splitting the mages up into smaller fights, but it felt more like they were drawing people away from Mangetsu.

Mangetsu awakens some power

Wow, Mangetsu's powered-up mode has a sinister aesthetic to it. I'm actually all for this. The series seems to be portraying Mangetsu as a villain of sorts, and it makes a lot of sense. In this episode, we see that Nene has an innocent reason for joining the fight, wanting desperately to reconnect with her mother. In response, Mangetsu spends the episode hearing Nene's calls for her mother and crushes her anyway.

Mangetsu looks menacing

I'm curious to see what Mangetsu's real past looks like. So far, her main purpose is to stand out as someone special. It's a pretty weak wish in comparison to Shingetsu or Nene. And since Mangetsu's power come from the power of her wish, it makes me wonder if there's a message behind it. Maybe the most selfish reasons are the strongest? I look forward to seeing what the show does with it.

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