Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Episode 3: The quest for tea

Waver needs some rest

This week's episode was a pretty funny way to introduce some more of Waver's students as recurring characters. Personally, I thought it was a bit tough to keep track of all of the characters in the episode, especially with Luvia's guest appearance. However, I thought the concept behind the episode's mystery was cool, even if the antagonist was questionable.

Svin has a thing for Gray

So, let me see if I've got this. Flat is the capricious genius who is always messing around, Svin is a Gray-obsessed beast magic user, and Caules knows how to use a computer. Does that cover everyone? Gray was already introduced last week, but I guess she counts as well. Still, it looks like a fun cast to support someone who tries to be as serious as Waver does.

Flat finds the villain's hideout

Am I the only one confused by Flat's abilities? I did notice that the translation in this episode seemed to have a lot of mistakes, so I wonder if it's just worded poorly. While most of the other characters seem relatively straightforward, Flat just seems to do random magic things based on what Waver tells him, so I have no idea what his specialty is supposed to be.

Gueldoa Davenant threatens the students

I feel like I have to criticize the villain in this episode. I get that he's supposed to be a crotchety old mage who has fallen behind the times, but he definitely screams "generic baddy". He seems to have a forgettable plan to use human lives to reach the root, and this scene clearly has him using some standard bad guy threats towards Gray and Flat.

Waver explains the bad guy's plan

The actual villain aside, I do like how Waver ends up beating him, since it plays on his role as a professor of Modern Magecraft. Gueldoa uses fairly powerful magic to manipulate electricity, but his age has left him unable to adapt to modern times. As a result, some simple technology is able to root him out without any need for magic. It almost gives the episode a "science vs. magic" theme, which I think is interesting.

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