Carole & Tuesday Episode 14: Finding some polish

Tobe gives quick commentary

This series surprises me in the weirdest way. I feel like it handles its loose plot threads so well that I have to question what other stories are left to tell. It's a bit exciting and I think it contributes to my enjoyment of the series as a whole. A few things seemed to be getting set up in this episode, but the main story seemed to be revolving around Carole. With the sense of closure she seems to have at the end, I'm legitimately curious whether there's more to her story.

Tobe gets to work

Of course, we also had the encounter with Tobe to deal with in this episode. It definitely felt like solid progress for the girls, but I saw it largely as a backdrop. It was cool to see Skip again as the girls were trying to get their song produced.

Angela is introduced to Aaron

Given that this series doesn't play too coy with its mysteries, I get the sense that Aaron is introduced in this episode because of the "black knight" situation that pops up later. He seems to have an interest in Angela, and the black knight is described as using technical prowess to protect her from harassment online. It seems like a reasonable conclusion.

Dann talks with Carole some more

I applaud Dann's development in this episode. Carole overtly displays her flippant view of her parents and seems to actively reject them while she's talking to him. With how anime characters tend to develop, it would have been easy for him to get discouraged by that and drag things out. Then again, this series doesn't seem to be too guarded with its secrets (as I've said before), so maybe this is just what I should expect.

Tao analyzes Angela

I honestly wasn't expecting quite so sinister from Tao. I get that he's an unsavory character, but something about the "artificial Angela" angle doesn't feel right to me. I'm not sure how much I should accept this scene at face value.

Tuesday's mother gets some help

This scene is clearly meant to be doing something else, but it kind of made me wonder about the political climate in this world. The consultant mentions that he's backing up his suggestions with "consulting AI", and I'm not so sure about that statement. I just get the feeling that an AI that's covering such a wide dataset would be too much of a black box to allow strong interpretation of the results. So, I guess it's more that I question where this guy gets the justification to say why the AI suggestions make sense.

Carole meets her father

Well, this scene was certainly heartwarming. As I've said before, I'm glad that the show wasn't a tease about addressing it, but I do wonder what happens with Carole now. Do we just switch over to Tuesday's family problems for the rest of the show?

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