Granbelm Episode 2: The world of magic

Mangetsu is slightly confused

As I hoped, this episode fills in many of the blanks from the first episode by going back and explaining the lore of the series. I'm sticking with what I said last week about this series being the Grail Wars with giant robots. However, I guess it seems considerably less dangerous. Even with her further introduction in this episode, Mangetsu feels hard to place. There's definitely a lot of mystery surrounding her, but she seems like she could be interesting to unravel.

Shingetsu uses some light magic

While the magic in this series doesn't seem like too much, I do appreciate that it has a sense of subtlety to it. When Shingetsu does things in the real world, we don't see any otherworldly effect or things like magic circles. Given that the series makes a big deal of establishing that magic is lost in this world, this type of magic makes that claim feel more plausible.

Shingetsu tries to erase Mangetsu's memories

Despite the explanations in this episode, I don't feel like I'm completely clear on the terms. To be specific, I'm not entirely sure whether "Granbelm" refers to the contest as a whole or the world that the combatants enter. And if it's not the latter, does that world have a name?

Mangetsu hesitates to return the magic stone

A large part of the episode seems devoted towards Mangetsu's decision to join Granbelm, but I'm not entirely sure I buy it. It's true that we still don't know all of the details, but the competition itself doesn't seem particularly dangerous from the perspective of the audience. A later scene shows that Rosa is totally fine despite being defeated by Mangetsu in the first episode. What does Mangetsu have to lose if she participates? I feel like that's not made totally clear, so the dilemma isn't believable.

Shingetsu uses magic to make the flowers bloom

Is this secretly a time travel series? I feel like this explanation about magic is important. Shingetsu makes it sound like she directly interfered with the flowers in some way. Based on the wording, I interpreted as meaning that she messed with their "fate" in some way. Are the mages in this world screwing with the future?

Mangetsu insists that she has nothing

On the one hand, I feel like Mangetsu's idea that she has no redeemable qualities is a little bit too harsh. It seems like it's trying a bit too hard to establish that her magic is strong to compensate. That being said, I find it incredibly interesting that she has convinced herself of this idea to the point where she's defensive of the notion. It's certainly a relatable thought, but seeing her cling to it makes me curious to see how it will manifest in the future.

  • arekusu

    July 16, 2019, 9:14 p.m.

    The second episode was more informative of how the magic world goes. But in my opinion, I think this will be like Madoka Magica where Fukami is almost as if she were Akemi, and Mangetsu is like Madoka. I'm guessing she has hidden powers, but wow she created a garden. Her powers are uncontrollable.

    If Mangetsu is a descendant, I'd like to here her history, if they ever will have one.


  • arekusu

    July 16, 2019, 9:15 p.m.

    In my opinion, I think this anime will be the likes of Madoka Magica. Apparently Mangetsu acts like Madoka and Fukami acts like Homura. But as much as I like magic and fantasy, I'll keep watching this series and see how it ends.


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