Carole & Tuesday Episode 13: Finding a producer

Carole and Tuesday talk to Allen

It certainly feels like we're taking a couple of steps back with the girls' career path, but I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised about that. I was curious to see what we had in store for this half of the show, and it's potentially just more of the same as the first half. I can live with that. What were we thinking? A big record label is too out-of-character for these girls.

Talk show host asks about Angela

The talk show at the beginning of the episode was a bit random, which makes me think it's meant to be a mini-recap of some sort. If so, I think it's a clever way to sneak in a small refresher for what happened in the first half of the series. Also, I thought it was funny that the camera zooms out to show an empty room rather than a studio audience.

Tao solves a Rubik's Cube

Well, I have to be that guy for a second. I'm curious what time scale this is meant to be. The scene itself plays out in about a second, but the timer seems to suggest a little over four seconds. If so, that's surprisingly slower than the world record, but comes at a solid number 2. The current world record is 3.47 seconds (in case you wanted to know).

Dann meets Carole

I'm assuming we're meant to conclude that Dann is Carole's father. He has a moment of hesitation when he sees Carole for the first time, and he appears in the same episode as Carole's conversation with Tuesday about parents. He doesn't seem like a bad person at first glance, so I'm curious to see how he'll contribute to the story.

Gus negotiates for the girls

It's not too surprising to me that Gus rejects the deal with Brightest Records, but I would have liked to see what he found so disagreeable about the contract. It's not that I doubt his character or anything. I just think it would have given the scene more flavor if he called out the problems, especially when he was explaining to Carole and Tuesday.

Carole muses about her parents

It's clear that this conversation is centered around Carole and her lack of motivation to find her parents, but I liked that this line clearly applies to both Carole and Tuesday.

Tuesday's mother holds a rally

Applicability to current affairs aside, I'm curious whether this political stance from Tuesday's mother is meant to stand in their way in the future. After all, Carole is a refugee, so I wonder if this policy would directly affect her.

The girls perform in the ghetto

The girls have really come a long way...

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