Kanata no Astra Episode 2: Fun times in space

The gang prepares to forage for food

This series got a lot more lighthearted than I was expecting (though admittedly not for the entire episode). That being said, I thought that this episode was a solid follow-up to the opening episode. It forces the characters to bond more, and it successfully introduces a couple of larger mysteries that will likely span the entire show, with the sabotaged communicator and the return of the sphere.

Exploring a new planet

While I enjoy seeing the character explore an entirely new planet, I admit that I'm a little disappointed that they reach the first planet so quickly. The journey to the first planet may have been the shortest one, but it's also the most critical one. On subsequent trips, they'll be setting off with a much wider range of resources (given that they're foraging from entire planets). However, the initial journey forced them to survive with just the supplies that they had thought to pack for camp. That's how I saw it, at least.

Quitterie refuses to help

Quitterie gets some pretty quick character progression in this episode, but I still liked her story overall. I thought it was interesting that she called her mother out for not being there for her and simultaneously asking her to be there for Funicia. It makes sense for her to think that, and I think it's hard to blame her.

The sphere returns

I was honestly not expecting the sphere to return, but it heavily implies that there's something sending it to these kids. Since it seems to like pulling them out into empty space, it sounds like it's probably sent by someone trying to kill them.

Aries sees everything

Giving Aries photographic memory was kind of a random development. I suppose it's meant to perpetuate the idea that each of the crew members is going to have something specialized to contribute.

Funicia is caught out

Putting Funicia in danger seems like a fairly predictable way to get Quitterie to contribute, but I think it works in this situation. It seems to serve the extra purpose of giving Kanata some time to shine as well. On top of that, I liked that Funicia was mostly put in that situation because she was looking for a way to look like her sister.

Kanata is recognized as the leader

I also liked the idea that Kanata is recognized as the leader not because he has all of the answers, like Charce. It's not that Kanata is capable, but rather that he's the one who can call the rest of the group into action.

The case is afoot

And there we have it. There's potentially an entity sending the spheres to transport the kids back into space, and there's potentially a traitor on the ship. Are they even the same person? The fact that the communicator is what's sabotaged is interesting as well, since it suggests that Kanata and Aries are in the clear. After all, they were floating in space in the moments immediately prior to discovering the broken communicator.

  • The Otaku Judge

    July 14, 2019, 1:03 a.m.

    I find it hard to believe that Quitterie and her sister are not blood related. They look identical. Maybe she is a clone? Would explain why her medical mom is always away working.


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