Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 13: Choosing to protect

Zenitsu relies on Shoichi

My concerns regarding this series as a whole haven't changed much. This episode definitely had a couple of moments that made me further question the pacing of this series. It's a shame, though, since I think that the overall fight between Tanjirou and Kyogai was interesting. Tanjirou definitely complains too much about his broken bones, but having him fight in a constantly shifting environment gives the fight some complexity.

Kyogai deals with an editor

Kyogai's flashbacks add an interesting question into the mix. We see him turning into a demon to retaliate against his abusive editor, which seems a bit strange. It's possible that the memory is meant to be entirely symbolic, which would mean that Kyogai's editor is one of his early victims after he becomes a demon.

If we take it at face value, though, it could suggest that Kyogai was a demon while he was writing his novels. We've already seen demons who try to coexist with humans peacefully, so it's possible that he become one of Muzan's generals because of his mistreatment.

Kyogai slashes his editor

This scene is also an example of the weird pacing I noticed in the episode. As Kyogai dies later in the episode, we basically get a complete repeat of this scene as he finally gets the acknowledgment he desires. The emotional point is fine, but we really didn't need the rehash.

Tanjirou dodges the papers

I wonder if this scene was meant to give some form of reward for Tanjirou's kindness. He respects Kyogai by avoiding the papers strewn across the ground, and it allows him to figure out how to win. It's kind of a weird sequence on its own, but it makes more sense if it's supposed to give positive feedback for Tanjirou's empathy.

Cat appears for service

Delivery cat: here for all of your blood transport needs.

Also, is this meant to be a joke about the rivalry between cats and crows? Maybe I just watch too much Haikyuu.

Zenitsu protects Nezuko

Honestly, I really like the fact that Zenitsu acknowledges that there is a demon in the box but chooses to protect it anyway because of what it meant to Tanjirou. His magic hearing aside, he seems to have a healthy sense of charity for others. Despite being lied to in the past, he's willing to accept that other people might have good reasons for their actions.

Tanjirou leaps into action

On the flip side, Tanjirou has a weird reaction to this entire scene. Watching Zenitsu get beaten up is indeed a brutal thing, which is why it's odd that Tanjirou has to build his rage before acting. As someone who blurs the lines between demons and humans, Tanjirou seems like the last person who would hesitate to attack a human who was acting cruel. So, I feel like I have to conclude that this is just meant to drag out the scene again...

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