Carole & Tuesday Episode 12: Onwards

Carole explains the situation

The first half for this series wrapped up pretty well. I wasn't expecting it to get through both Mars Brightest and Tuesday's escape, and I liked how it turned out. The disqualification bit might feel a bit odd, but I think it was a good way out of the weird situation with Angela and the girls in the finals. Now that Carole and Tuesday are out there in the world, I'm curious to see what the rest of the series has in store for them.

Tuesday attempts to apologize

In keeping with the show's theme of comparisons, the series shows the two girls each attempting to apologize to the other. However, I apologize in advance, but I'm strangely bothered by the phone keyboards in this scene. Future phones apparently use a QWERTY key order, but each row of keys is split into two rows. The future looks really grim...

Gus encourages Carole

While I liked the further introduction of Tuesday's brother Spencer in this episode, I think that Gus came out big this week. I liked seeing him tell the story from his past to Carole to convince her to act on her feelings. Gus may be a goof, but he really shows up when he's needed.

Angela talks about her motivations

Angela also gets some great development right at the end, showing that she's not just selfishly aiming to win. This is later contrasted with Carole, who talks about losing herself in the competition. Additionally, there's an interesting comment in this scene about how the AI are able to personalize songs. I wonder if there's a hidden twist where Angela's songs are actually written by a human as well, though I'm not sure how well that would work.

Carole tells Tuesday her true feelings

It's nice to see Carole and Tuesday finally talking over their feelings. I also like that this scene is preceded by Tuesday's escape. After so many complaints about the two girls not being in sync, the escape works out for them. It's possible that Spencer had some communication with Gus, but I think it's better for the story if it worked out because Carole and Tuesday were finally thinking the same thing.

Carole and Tuesday sing together

The return to "Loneliest Girl" is a great way to wrap up the first half of the series. Despite all of the hardships that the two girls have gone through, they have reunited with renewed vigor. In that sense, they really are back to where they were when they started, so it's a great song to encapsulate their current feelings and to set forth on a new adventure.

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