Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 12: In a flash

Tanjirou chastises the boar

Comparatively speaking, I found this week's episode to be more fun than last week's episode (I can't imagine why). While the episode definitely treads into some weird territory with its "magic blood", I liked what it did for its characters. Even Tanjirou seems to have a decent growth moment in this episode, as opposed to skipping through it.

The boar is not a gentleman

There's not too much to go on for the boar man in this episode. It's clear that he's more of a loose cannon than the other characters, but that much was already obvious. The episode also seems to imply that he's not a Demon Slayer in the same sense as Tanjirou and Zenitsu.

Zenitsu strikes

I'm not entirely sure if this moment makes up for Zenitsu's display in the previous episode (and in this episode), but that attack was pretty awesome. Additionally, I like the use of thunder as a theme for his character. As opposed to the consistent flexibility of Tanjirou, Zenitsu is clearly someone who's only useful in a pinch. Similar to his thematic namesake, he strikes in an instant and disappears immediately.

The demon attempts to regain his status

It's still too early for Tanjirou to face one of the Twelve Kizuki? Let's put him against a former member as a stepping stone. Honestly, I'm not too sure about the whole "marechi" thing in this episode. It implies that the Twelve Kizuki are just a bunch of demons who drink special blood, which I think makes them feel questionable as enemies.

The crow appears

The birds in this series are amazing. That aside, I do like that the brother's struggle to survive in the demon house inspires Tanjirou in his later fight. I think it comes off as a bit archaic to refer back to being the firstborn, but it's an interesting way to motivate Tanjirou as a character.

Tanjirou becomes one with water

It feels a bit late for Tanjirou to be learning this, but I don't think it's a bad development for him. It's nice to see him actually learning through battle, rather than just having the skills. Also, he seems to do a good job of analyzing his opponent in the fight. We saw the beginning of this in the previous episode when he starts to watch the tsuzumi strikes, but I do like to see Tanjirou using his head in combat.

Being Nezuko is suffering

I feel so bad for Nezuko...

  • Terrance A. Crow

    June 27, 2019, 7:49 p.m.

    "As opposed to the consistent flexibility of Tanjirou, Zenitsu is clearly someone who's only useful in a pinch."

    Ordinarily, I'd be worried that this kind of character would ruin the show -- but despite flirting with disaster, I'm liking Zenitsu more and more.

    And thank you tons for adding a light option to the site! If I try to read light text on a black background for too long, everything blurs. So now I can read your posts without discomfort!



    June 27, 2019, 8:46 p.m.

    ive seen a lot of praise for the character from the manga, so im hoping it works out.

    haha no problem. im a typical programmer who loves dark themes, but i have a couple of friends who prefer light themes. so, i wrote a quick script to shift between the two themes. it should remember your theme choice as a cookie as well.


    Terrance A. Crow

    June 28, 2019, 6:54 p.m.

    It did!

    And what's odd, is that a blog theme that's light on dark hurts my eyes -- but my IntelliJ scheme is darkula!

    I worry about me sometimes!


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