Carole & Tuesday Episode 11: From one problem to another

The crew finds a suspicious package

I admit I feel a bit disappointed about some of the developments in this episode, but it seems like the series has its own plan with them. It's hard to say with what I know now, so I'm willing to give the series the benefit of the doubt until it shows its hand. I'm a little glad to see the series move away from the talent competition side of things, even if it's going right back to Tuesday's problems. It was starting to become a grind.

Angela questions Dahlia

The whole "mystery" seemed kind of overplayed. After I saw the opening scenes in the episode, I was almost hoping for a weird twist where Angela's fan manager, Katy, tampered with the gift from Cybelle. It would remove the need for Katy to know about Tuesday's birthday while removing Cybelle as the obvious culprit. As you may have guessed, things don't go this way.

Catherine points out the differences in the performances

As for the performance itself, I find Catherine's comment on it interesting. Granted, it's hard to actually hear it from the music itself, but I don't think that's the point. From my understanding, the comment implies that the disjointed nature of this episode's performance is a better representation of the girls than the "in sync" performance from the first round. It lines up with what we see from them outside of the competition, and it implies that being out of sync comes across as being more genuine since it better captures their relationship.

Angela confronts Katy

While it's certainly not where I expected things to go, I'm curious to see where Angela's relationship with Katy goes after this episode. Rather than having Katy end up as the culprit outright, the series uses the chance to have Angela accuse her. Later in the episode, Angela seems legitimately remorseful when she finds out that Cybelle has been apprehended as the culprit, so this might lead to her reconciling with Katy in a different way.

Carole lashes out at Tuesday

It's nice to see Carole calling Tuesday out, but it does come off as a little hypocritical after watching her dwell on her birthday gift throughout the episode. Even ignoring that, Carole definitely goes too far when she presumes too much about Tuesday's home life. I think it makes sense for her to reach that conclusion, but she's coming from an unfair position. Carole has lived life without a thought about her family, so she's probably not even used to considering them.

  • jester_monocle

    June 24, 2019, 1:56 p.m.

    The whole mystery thing was overplayed. Even though I think they did it for a little bit of humor it just seemed like they were wasting a bit of time on something that just means nothing.



    June 24, 2019, 5:40 p.m.

    at a certain point, it almost feels like it's bullying Gus. that being said, it could potentially set something up between Angela and her manager, so it's hard to say


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