Random thoughts: What does age really bring?

Help is unneeded

I've often wondered how many others think this way, but I typically feel a sense of anxiety when I'm asked to give a recommendation. The stock answer I give people when they ask why is that I don't think I know their tastes well enough to give them a good suggestion. Maybe I'm over-thinking it, but that's definitely something I've been known to do.


It reminds me a bit of that assumption that age brings wisdom. You may be inclined to think that by watching a large number of anime series, I've gained some level of expertise on the medium. However, I think this notion is hard to apply to something that's inherently personal. So rather than calling myself an expert on anime, I think it's more accurate to say that I've become more of an expert on what I like to see in anime.

Rizu's mind goes blank

Maybe I'm laying the impostor syndrome pretty thick with this tangent, but it's not like I spend my time researching anything about storytelling, directing, or animation. Those conversations still go over my head just as much as they did when I started this blog. And I think that's fine. I don't have a particular interest in those things, so there's no need to force it.

Haru doesn't bully the weak

Where I think things get a bit dangerous is when someone with a particular interest tries to impose that on others. As I said, I consider myself an expert on my own opinion, so I limit my comments to that opinion. While extensive research into things like animation style is certainly impressive, I would say that it only makes you aware of how much work goes into what. How a particular person reacts to a given animation technique requires a different kind of knowledge, I would hesitate to appeal to those qualifications.

Senko has seen some things

Perhaps that last part sounded too much like a complaint. It could be the case that I'm overly sensitive to people who try to preach too much outside their area of expertise. However, I see it as something to think about. Hopefully, it's not too much of a rant. Be sure to let me know what you think...or ask clarifying questions for the things I've invariably glossed over.

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