Fruits Basket Episode 10: Double date

Hana the great detective

After introducing a few more zodiac animals, this week's episode surprisingly shifts back to the main cast. There's a lot more to Shigure and Kyou than I was expecting, and it was fun to see. I've been hearing the rumors of a 63 episode adaptation, so I might be in for a grind. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing how Tohru breaks through Kyou's shell and softens the darker side of Shigure. We all know it's happening.

Shigure questions Kyou's feelings

Manipulative or not, I liked seeing Shigure call Kyou out in this scene. It's interesting to see Kyou using his rivalry with Yuuki as a crutch, and Shigure's calm analysis of the situation draws it out. I'm curious what Kyou could be hiding that would make him resent Yuuki. It seems odd for the two to have their current interactions if it was as simple as Yuuki sacrificing himself for Kyou in some way.

Tohru tries to comfort Kyou

I respect that Tohru doesn't try to push Kyou too much. He's clearly dealing with some kind of trauma, and I guess she's too much of a calming presence to force him to face it before he's ready. It's like a bit of back-and-forth between Tohru and Shigure in some senses.

Shigure faces some criticism

On the other hand, I think the duality behind Shigure could lead to some entertaining developments. It seems that he plays the fool, which makes it hard to take him seriously when he talks about taking advantage of Tohru. It makes me question whether it falls into the standard scenario of overselling his dark side. That's at least my initial impression of his confession in this episode.

Shigure tends to Akito

That being said, it's definitely creepy that Shigure pretends to be an ally to Akito. Despite not really liking what we've seen of the character so far, I'm almost rooting for Akito to have some idea of what Shigure is doing. It's not as fun if the "battle" is one-sided, right?

Shigure's editor introduces herself

I suppose Shigure's editor also introduces herself in this episode. I'm not sure how to feel about it, though, since she doesn't seem to do much. Future plans?

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