Carole & Tuesday Episode 9: The other bracket

Carole finds out about Tuesday's mother

Memes aside, this week's episode was another fun string of songs. As far as I could tell, there wasn't all that much more to it, though. The episode seemed to be setting up a couple of potential plot threads, but it seemed like pure talent show otherwise. I think the main question I have from this episode is about Tao's interaction with the girls, since it was something I didn't expect at all.

Cybelle questions Tuesday

If Cybelle wasn't strange enough last week, she took it up a notch this week. I did like how Tuesday attempts to resolve things within the episode, eventually turning down Cybelle's offer to start a separate group. But I can only imagine that Cybelle will return in a bad way in the future. From her introduction in the talent show, it sounds like she has a superficial attachment to Tuesday's appearance, which seems a bit simplistic.

GGK starts to perform

I'm not really one for this kind of "mystical" jargon, so I might have started with a bad impression of GGK. From what I could tell, her music was nice, but her singing didn't fit with the background song. As a result, the performance felt discordant, which didn't appeal to me. The Mermaid Sisters may have performed a meme song, but it was admittedly much more catchy. It was definitely a more memorable song too...

Tao finds the girls

From context, I mostly gathered that Tao was in disbelief when he heard that Carole and Tuesday write their own music. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense that he would ask them who wrote their songs. It was something clearly stated before their first performance. Tao's response to them was extremely cryptic, so I'm curious to see how he proceeds. I'm not sure if he's meant to have a character arc, so I was expecting him to be more adversarial.

Angela is recognized

From a musical perspective, I got the sense that Angela's song was meant to emulate a typical pop song, so it's reasonable for it to get the enthusiastic reaction from the audience. While it's not what I'd usually listen to, I would probably still favor Angela's song over Cybelle's song. Anyway, I'm still wondering if Angela will actually get the chance to compete against Carole and Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it.

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