Carole & Tuesday Episode 8: The tournament begins

Angela meets her new manager

I'm surprised that this singing competition to be such an extended arc. I guess I've gotten used to the one-shot nature of the girls' previous ventures. I'm looking forward to seeing how they'll grow from this. I'm still thinking it's too early for them to win, but it sounds like we can get a lot out of this endeavor.

Tuesday meets a fan

I'm not sure what to make of Cybelle so far. I think it's funny that Tuesday has her own stalker right now, but I get the sense that Cybelle exists to cause trouble for the main pair. However, I don't know how that's going to happen when Cybelle is currently pit up against Angela in the first round. My assumption has been that Angela is meant to win this competition, so it seems like a death sentence.

Pyotr just wants some followers

Pyotr has an insufferable personality, but his performance was surprisingly entertaining. I get that he's meant to be a stereotype and all, but it's absurdly hard to listen to him talk. It should be interesting to see how the girls deal with him, I suppose. He seems a lot more formidable than their first opponent.

The girls write songs without AI

This point still feels like the weirdest side point. I understand that it's hard to realistically represent what a world of AI-generated music would sound like, but it would be nice to have some idea of what's different. From what we've seen so far, I think the judge is right to call them out on that being their hook, because it almost seems like a gimmick.

OGBulldog is not a gang member

Compared to past performances, I wasn't the biggest fan of Carole and Tuesday's song in this episode. Granted, I don't like opera music at all, so I think it was better than OGBulldog's performance. It's not surprising from a story perspective, since it gives the two room to improve throughout the competition. But then again, that's just my take on it.

Angela doesn't like their song

I'm happy to see Angela confronting Carole and Tuesday, though. This is pretty much the interaction I expected them to have, since it establishes that the two are now aware of each other. With how much the story contrasts them, it should put things into a better perspective.

  • jester_monocle

    June 24, 2019, 1:36 p.m.

    I'm actually a pretty big fan of Pyotr. Yeah, his personality is inherently annoying but I don't get the sense he's a bad guy, either. He's like that annoying friend you pick on for being an idiot but you kinda like him anyways.



    June 24, 2019, 5:37 p.m.

    i dont see him as a particularly bad guy either, but i suppose i have a lower tolerance for that kind of person lol


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