A random question: Anime gaps in knowledge

Shiro is not amused

It's been a while since I did something random, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I often feel like I'm just standing in front of a podium and shouting stuff out, so I wanted to pose a question instead (because interaction is fun, right?). Here's hoping this isn't the worst idea. In your anime viewing experience, what do you feel is the weirdest gap in your viewing habits?

Should Arata answer seriously?

Now, I don't mean to imply that any good anime fan should be watching everything. I personally think I watch a lot, but I know that I still don't get anywhere close to seeing it all (and that's part of the fun). So, what I'm really trying to get at is something like this: what's a subset of anime (whether it's genre, medium, or any other arbitrary category) do you feel you're maybe missing out on?

Hard pass

To give an example, I feel like many people might respond with something like "older shows" or even "airing shows". Personally, I think I'd go with "movies" instead, since I feel like it's a bit weirder that I somehow have no patience for them. Honestly, anything longer than the standard 24 minutes can be hard for me to start. I don't have a great explanation. It's just something that happens.

Amane questions what is normal

It's probably sad for me to admit this, but one of the reasons that I've never watched Re:Zero is the fact that the first episode was a double-length episode (please, have mercy). Kind of silly, right? Anyway, it's something that I hope to get better about, but I also think it's just a fun realization.

So, what are your own personal gaps? I feel like this is similar to when there's a piece of general knowledge that you've just never learned (such as how to use a screwdriver or something).

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