Fruits Basket Episode 8: New Year's with family

Tohru has no plans for New Year's

At this point, this series is just a constant feels trip, and I don't have a problem with that. I liked that this episode was mainly focused on developing Tohru, and expanding the relationship Kyo and Yuuki have with her. They're really coming together as a strong main group. I don't know what drama is in store for them, but I'm glad that these kinds of developments are happening before they start going.

Tohru stays at the Souma residence for New Year's

I think the most surprising part of this episode for me was that this was the first New Year's she was experiencing without her mother. Maybe it's something that has been mentioned before, but her generally cheerful attitude makes it seem like something she's long gotten over. That small reminder in this episode is a great way of framing the episode.

Kyo is not allowed to attend the main event

The Souma New Year's celebration itself was a surprise as well. The event definitely seemed like something a character like Tohru would normally crash. It would be a chance for her to finally meet the rest of the family, but it's pretty much skipped.

Hana gives Kyou and Yuuki a push

What I found interesting about this episode was the fact that Hana and Uo didn't leave their families to be with Tohru. Perhaps it's just meant to indicate that they have a stronger familial connection than Kyou and Yuuki, but I thought it was a bit odd that they instead pushed the Soumas to join Tohru. Given that the boys needed push in the first place, maybe the girls were just giving them a chance to grow closer to Tohru.

Tohru is in danger of choking

It's a small part of the episode, but I do like the extended joke of Tohru choking on mochi in this episode. It's something that really suits her character, and it's a fun inside joke at this point in the episode.

The three see the sunrise together

I'm curious to see if this episode is setting something up. Shigure has a minor comment in the episode about Akito reaping what is sowed, which indicates where his true support lies. If Akito flies into a rage at Yuuki for not attending the family dinner, it would make sense for that anger to be directed at Tohru.

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