Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita Review: Many forms of love

Miyako thinks logically

It's been a while since I wrote one of these, and I don't want to give the impression that I'm neglecting them. This series was one I was generally on the fence about during the winter season. The story centers around a socially awkward college student named Miyako Hoshino. Through her younger sister Hinata, Miyako meets the grade schooler Hana Shirosaki and immediately falls in love with her.

Miyako is super shy

This show is the strangest combination of the cute girls doing cute things concept combined with the general premise of Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru from the season before it. The two shows are eerily similar for how close their airing dates are. I know it's a weird way to start, but that distinction was important for me. It takes a much lighter spin on the idea, whereas its counterpart steered straight into it with a comedic focus.

In the end, characters clinch the series for me. While I have no strong feelings for the main pairing of Miyako and Hana, I loved Hinata as a character. I'm not typically fond of the "ball of energy" character, Hinata adds an excess of warm feelings to the show overall. And while she has an unnatural attachment to her sister, their general relationship as siblings appealed to me. I also tend to like the character the supports the others from the sidelines, and Hinata is somehow that character.

Did she lie?

From a musical perspective, I definitely started off rough with this series. The general soundtrack felt somewhat annoying to me (though I liked the ending theme). It's something you get used to after a while, but it was noticeable for me in the beginning. Other than that, the series looked okay for the most part, opting for a heavily pastel color style.

Hinata is killing her sister

If you're still reading past the first paragraph and you're looking for a relatively fluffy series to watch, I don't have a problem recommending this series. It takes a light approach to personal insecurities, and I thought it was fun overall.

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