Spring 2019 Grab Bag Week 7: Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin

Azazel finds his love

Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin Episode 7

This series has been in such a weird grey area for me. If I had to qualify it, I'd say it's almost like the series has too much whimsy while trying to deliver something serious. Decisions seem to change at the drop of the hat because they almost have to do so. In other situations, seemingly big events seem to get waved away. I'd almost prefer if the series stuck with a more whimsical tone for the type of fantasy series it's trying to be.

Theo tries to find the source of the sand

Let me give an example. This episode starts with a sort of climax for Kyouichi's character arc. We learned last week that his sister was one of the girls spirited away by Azazel, and he tries to take advantage of Arata to find her. This blows up in his face when Izumi is kidnapped during their investigation, forcing him to finally admit his intentions to Theo.

Kohaku opens the gate to Hell

This isn't a bad way to develop Kyouichi, either. When he's brought on, Theo adds his own perspective, and the three are able to work together to find a cool way to locate Azazel. But then, what happens? Their attempts ultimately fail, and Arata is forced to ask Kohaku to take them to Azazel. And Kohaku does it. That sure seemed easier than triangulating the gravitational effects of the black sand, huh?

Cerberus admits defeat

To be completely honest, I don't mind the idea that Cerberus is defeated with some candy, but it still plays into the same idea. It's interesting to see Cerberus guarding the gates of Hell, and his weakness is pretty much as silly as it was in Harry Potter. His appearance was impressively short-lived, though.

Azazel fails again

I would have liked to see a bit more of the girl's perspective in this scene. While it's clearly monstrous, I find the idea that she was aware of everything Azazel did to her to be quite intriguing. It makes me wonder if she's intentionally cut short so she can crop up again later.

Kyouichi's sister is blinded

Here's what I thought was the low point in the episode. As everyone escapes from Hell, it's finally revealed that Kyouichi's sister has gone blind. It's a sad development, as she doesn't get to see how much her brother has grown. And then, the stolen body parts are immediately returned to their owners. It cheapens what should be a sad scene for me when things just get resolved like that.

Azazel goes back on his loop

And finally, I'm curious about how Azazel plays into the rest of the series. It seems like his story is largely played out, but the episode ends with him effectively starting over with a new batch of victims. Is he going to be the ultimate antagonist in this series? Or is this just a return to the status quo akin to a horror movie's ending?

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