Fruits Basket Episode 7: What a tale of loss

Tohru is nervous to meet Hatori

Okay, that was a level of sadness that I wasn't expecting to see...this series doesn't hold back. I definitely can't help but feel really bad for Hatori after hearing his story. It's kind of a weird character arc too, since the episode ends with a somewhat bleak outlook for Hatori that I don't think he deserves. I guess the point of the episode was to set up Akito as the definitive antagonist in the story. Well done?

Akito lashes out at Hatori for trying to marry

I find it hard to believe I'll be able to eventually sympathize with Akito, but I suppose I've been wrong before. If someone like Hatori doesn't seem to resent Akito, there must be a good reason behind everything. The episode mentions a "curse" of some sort, which seems to be separate from the zodiac thing, so maybe Akito has a personal curse.

Tohru gets flustered

Tohru has so many good facial expressions. And if Akito flipped out in response to Hatori trying to marry someone from a branch family, I can't imagine what the reaction to Tohru will be. Then again, Tohru exists to win everyone in the Souma family over, right?

Hatori changes

Well, I definitely wasn't expecting to see a seahorse in the zodiac. I find it funny that the seahorse is used here, since it's not clear whether it's meant to represent the dragon or the horse in the zodiac. They're both there, after all. That being said, the dragon is much harder to account for, so I suppose it makes sense for Hatori to be the dragon. After all, there's a clear gap between the general impression dragons tend to give and the appearance of Hatori's animal form. I doubt that's a coincidence.

Hatori is forced to erase Kana's memories

This story was hard enough to watch when it was just a recounting. Seeing it happen in real time is just depressing. I have to give the series credit. It handles the emotional stuff well.

Hatori runs into a familiar voice

The last scene in the episode just makes me feel more bad for Hatori. He seems to find some solace in Tohru's words, but that just makes him part of the harem. And even if Kana's memories return, it doesn't solve everything if she's found someone else to make her happy. Maybe Tohru helps him move on to someone else?

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