Dororo Episode 19: Opposite day

Hyakkimaru finds a horse

Well, we definitely got a lighter episode this week. I guess it worked as a bit of a breather after the more dramatic episodes. At a certain point, I feel like Dororo's insecurities about her relationship with Hyakkimaru are becoming a recurring thing. However, I think the episode worked for injecting some fun into a primarily dark story.

Hyakkimaru chooses to be with Okowa

This episode was surprisingly subtle with its "opposite day" gimmick. I liked the fact that the episode immediately jumps in with the first villager Hyakkimaru and Dororo meet. I didn't think anything of it when the villager said that the smith in the village wasn't any good. It makes the scene an interesting one in hindsight.

The villagers wish Okowa well

I liked seeing Dororo and Hyakkimaru fight an enemy without brute strength. Dororo got to shine a bit more in the episode as a result, since she tends to be more perceptive than Hyakkimaru. That being said, I did struggle with buying into Dororo's struggle. Feeling abandoned by Hyakkimaru feels like something she's already overcome, so it's weird to see it again.

The smith was to create a sword to stop fighting

I realize that the source material for this series is incredibly old, so I wonder if Rurouni Kenshin is based off of this concept. It certainly seems familiar.

Hyakkimaru wants his swords

Hyakkimaru really doesn't get any goofy scenes, so this scene was hilarious to see. I do wonder why he doesn't just flatly reject Okowa now that he can speak normally, but what do I know?

Hyakkimaru finally regains control

This hug was also a nice touch. These two characters are great together.

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