Fairy Gone Episode 6: Seems to be balancing many threads

History lesson in progress

As I started to mention last week, I still get the feeling that I'm wringing information out of this series where I can. This week's episode seems to start out by suddenly shifting the focus over to these 5 dukes, none of whom we really know except Ray Dawn. I'm waiting for the moment when it all clicks together, but there's no clear schedule like with Boogiepop.

Another mysterious death of a duke

I'm guessing I should take note of the fact that the dukes seem to be rebelling against the prime minister Golbarn shortly before their deaths. From the introduction, it sounded like Golbarn gave away the title of emperor, implying that he was the previous emperor who lost the war. So, it's weird that he seems to have an important position. Shouldn't it be more overtly suspicious that his former allies are betraying him?

The artificial fairies go out of control

I'm actually incredibly interested in the concept of an "artificial" fairy. Are they just armor or inanimate objects possessed by fairies? Or are they robots designed to exhibit characteristics similar to fairies? The fact that they are controlled with whistles makes me think they're sentient, but so far, they kind of just exist in the world.

Marlya teams up with Klara

It's kind of anticlimactic to find out that the previous Black Fairy Tome page was a fake. This week's episode was interesting for pushing Marlya into teaming up with a different character, but it almost felt like Klara was just there to look tough. We also see a bit of her past, as a victim of the war, which makes me stand by my statement from last week. That flashback definitely could have been placed in the conversation last week, and it would have made more contextual sense.

Sweetie misses the train

I'm still curious to see how the factions will continue to play into the story. It's fun to see familiar characters from the various groups all making a mad dash for the same objective. Maybe there's some hidden meaning behind which characters show up in any given encounter. That would be a cool reveal.

The duke finds out about the malfunction

If I remember correctly, the Duke of Hybranz was talking with Wolfram in the previous episode. Wolfram has been shown to have ties to some form of illegal artificial fairy trade, so it would make sense that the duke would have some nefarious tie to a malfunctioning artificial fairy. I'm happy to see that sense of consistency in the series. Now what does it mean?

  • Terrance A. Crow

    May 17, 2019, 6:59 p.m.

    "If I remember correctly, the Duke of Hybranz was talking with Wolfram in the previous episode. "

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's struggling to keep all the names straight! Don't get me wrong: I still enjoy the show! But the breadth of the cast is starting to wear me down!



    May 17, 2019, 8:02 p.m.

    in all honesty, i happened to look at my post from last week and recognized the guy in a screenshot :D


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