Spring 2019 Grab Bag Week 5: Kono Oto Tomare

Chika is afraid of a nice Satowa

Kono Oto Tomare Episode 5

There are other people still watching this series, right? For me, this series has generally not taken much priority for watching, but I still think it's doing a good job with hitting its high notes. Immediately after the opening, the series kind of dips into a bit of spiral where it understandably needs to introduce its cast. However, I think it's been coming together a lot better with the recent couple of episodes, and it reaches a satisfying resolution of sorts in this episode.

Satowa regrets her behavior around Chika

Satowa as a character has been somewhat of a strange one. I've found it hard to empathize with her, and it's not really just her attitude. It's nice to see her come around to appreciate Chika's true nature, but it also feels a bit forced to me. It might just be a pacing thing, but her change of heart comes too quickly for my liking. I thought the series was doing a good job building to it, though, having her realize that his true play style was gentle despite his appearance.

The granny gives some advice

I also like the granny as a side character. Presumably, she acts as a stand-in for Chika's grandfather in many respects, but I like how she's been guiding the characters. Her line here about how music can be used to communicate things for people who have trouble communicating was a nice one. It somewhat reminds me of my own past with music. But nowadays, I'm great at communicating in writing, right?

The school hears about the deal

This scene kind of bugs me. I guess it gets to its point, but there's something about a teacher declaring his plan to destroy the koto club that's hard to believe. I get that students are typically indifferent, but this one doesn't seem too hard to pick up on.

The club members play together

I enjoyed the visuals throughout the song a lot. I don't know much about koto, but it was a cool performance. I also liked how the performance interlaced scenes of Chika's past to give his character some more focus. He ends the episode on a pretty solid sense of resolution, which is surprising for this point in the story.

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