Fairy Gone Episode 5: The old days are lost

Veronica's life is bright

This series seems to be slowing down a bit and fleshing out its characters, but it still seems pretty shallow so far. I think I've got a better handle of what's been bugging me about the series. It doesn't seem to waste time explaining what people are thinking or expanding on a given situation. Normally, this would be okay, but I don't get the sense that the series has equipped me well enough to fill in the blanks. Maybe I'm just dense, but it's the feeling I've gotten.

Marlya wonders if she causes disaster

I do like the contrast at the beginning of the episode, but I have to point out that it's a trick that the series has done already with Marlya. Still, I like the idea that Veronica lost her bright, happy life, while Marlya already had her own doubts.

Veronica confronts Ray

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to draw this conclusion, but doesn't Ray Dawn look like the guy who was taking care of Marlya? There's no clear link, so I'm not super confident, but they at least share basic appearances. Additionally, it might explain why Marlya's a little bit more guarded about her past than Veronica is. Marlya might feel partly responsible for Veronica's suffering.

Marlya burns the area

As I've mentioned before, this series is somewhat lacking in the fight monologues. As a result, I have no real sense of how strong the fairies are or even what kinds of abilities I'm supposed to expect from them. I don't think I could properly explain the identifying trait of any fairies other than Marlya's and Veronica's. In this scene, I don't even know if I understand why the fire works so well.

Free wins his fight

That being said, I think that Free's fairy fight ended up being a lot more interesting. He seems to have the closest relationship to his fairy amongst the main cast, to the point where his fairy is more of an autonomous partner than servant. It's fun to watch, and I guess it makes sense with his background as a soldier.

Wolfram addresses someone noble

The allegiances in this series are way too hard to track. I guess Wolfram has some connection to royalty or something? I thought he was part of the illegal artificial fairy trade. Am I supposed to conclude that he's undercover or something? I honestly think he'd be a more intriguing character if he didn't have a generic vengeance mentality. If he's channeling his sorrow into helping maintain order, I might end up respecting him more.

A story about the director's past

I felt like this drinking party revealed less than it should have. Typically, a round of drinks should bring out the stories, but most of them seem to get cut off. Even the discussion about the director doesn't seem to go anywhere. Just let me know who these people are...

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