Fruits Basket Episode 5: Being selfish

Tohru prepares to move back in with her family

Okay, this episode convinced me. The emotional note in this episode was well done and made me like Tohru a lot more than I did before. I think the episode did a great job of fleshing her character out. It was almost strange in a way. This episode felt like it was a resolution of sorts, but it's happening incredibly early in the series. Does this mean I should be worried or hopeful about what comes next?

Tohru is comforted by her mother

I like how the episode sets up its conclusion with a flashback of Tohru's mother, calling out her self-sacrificing behavior that could be used against her. It's a nice sense of encouragement that helps to frame Tohru as a character. Her mother recognizes that she's not just hopelessly optimistic, and tries to draw that out of her.

Tohru's relatives try to investigate the Souma's

If there's one issue I had with the series, it was how much Tohru relatives seemed to be trying to be bad guys. It's a bit jarring to be introduced to people for the first time just have them do somewhat outlandish things like hiring a private detective. I get why they're there, but it would be nice if it wasn't blaring in my face, I guess.

Tohru's grandfather gives her some encouragement

I also think it was funny that the grandfather was acting completely senile despite being the most rational person in the room. I got the sense that he was trying to point out the weakness in Tohru's thought process. She's effectively convinced herself of what she should do while ignoring what anyone else thinks.

Kyou and Yuuki spy on the conversation

It was fun to watch Yuuki and Kyou's perspective on the scene as well. It made everything feel a lot more consistent to see where each character was coming from. It's also a clear display of Kyou and Yuuki's ability to work together despite their conflict.

Kyou tells Tohru that he was listening

It's interesting that Yuuki is the first to jump into action, but Kyou is ultimately the one who talks Tohru into admitting her true feelings. The episode seemed to be mapping Kyou on to Tohru's mother, which makes me wonder if I should read into that more.

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