Dororo Episode 17: Catching up

Jukai is criticized by a bystander

When this series wants to hit the emotions, it sure knows how to do it well. I was looking forward to seeing what Jukai would bring to the series with his return, and I was not disappointed. I'm still questioning the ethics that this series seems to be trying to push a bit, but I definitely liked watching Jukai react to the older Hyakkimaru. Tahoumaru also gets reintroduced at the same time, so I'm curious to see how he'll play into the story now.

Jukai is ignored by the ghoul

I like the idea that Jukai is ignored by the ghoul in this episode. I was expecting it to be such a minor point, but it played into the ending of the episode surprisingly well. I think it's cool that Jukai regains his will to live by meeting Hyakkimaru again.

Jukai wonders how Hyakkimaru thinks of him

Jukai's really an excellent way to show how far Hyakkimaru has come in his journey. It's hard to remember that Hyakkimaru's last interaction with him was long before he eventually met Dororo. I also liked seeing how expressive Hyakkimaru was in their conversation, what was essentially their first spoken conversation.

Jukai deduces that Hyakkimaru has killed humans

Jukai's position on Hyakkimaru's situation felt hard to pin down. My basic understanding is that Jukai just wants Hyakkimaru to stop going down a path that would take human lives. On the one hand, I agree that Hyakkimaru shouldn't just cut down anything in his path, human or demon, in order to get his body back. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of the fact that Jukai seems to side with Daigo a bit. I think the idea that Hyakkimaru is dooming them to death by regaining his body is a weak argument. It implies that they deserve their current condition.

Tahoumaru resolves never to give in to emotion

I'm looking forward to seeing how Tahoumaru develops in this story. I can somewhat understand the idea that his emotions held him back against Hyakkimaru, but that statement implies that he's decided that sacrificing Hyakkimaru was the right choice. Also, it's not like he was trying to negotiate fairly with Hyakkimaru. That being said, I do think it's interesting that he seems to see himself as the noble one while Hyakkimaru's basically the feral rebel.

Hyakkimaru knows who Jukai is

As I said earlier, the emotional impact of this scene is very well done. Not only does Hyakkimaru recognize the same warm feelings he got from his real mother in Jukai, he also calls to Jukai specifically using the word that Dororo taught him. It's a nice combination to honor the people who somewhat act as his emotional anchors.

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