Fruits Basket Episode 4: A wild boar gets loose

Kagura introduces herself

It's tempting to just cover this show regularly. It's a lot of fun. This week's episode largely seems to expand the cast a bit by adding another zodiac animal to the mix. However, I think it also did a great job of introducing Kyou through Kagura. I'm enjoying how the series explores its characters through Tohru, even if she tends to feel the most awkward to me.

Kyou promises to marry Kagura

I think Kagura is pushing the absurdities of her characters a bit much, but I also find it funny that she's right on the cusp of the standard yandere character. Her affection causes Kyou pain and she fits the knife-wielding stereotype as a child, but something about her use of fists makes her feel less threatening.

Tohru wonders about Kyou's true form

It's a very small part of the episode, but I'm curious about Kagura's comment about Kyou's "true form". In its simplest sense, it could just reference a part of Kyou's past that he's trying to hide. It could also be a reference to his zodiac animal, though. There's a tiger in the zodiac, so I wonder if it's related to that. But it could be anything, right?

Kyou recounts his training

This scene was probably my favorite part of the episode. We've largely seen Kyou define himself using his rivalry with Yuuki, so it's interesting to see this genuine sense of enjoyment from him. We get to see it through Tohru as an outside observer, and it opens the door for Kyou to be almost grateful to Yuuki.

Tohru figures out which animal Kagura is

I know it's minor, but I love how smug Tohru looks in this scene. She looks so proud of herself for figuring something out after it's spelled out to her. I guess I just like smug faces in general...

Tohru learns something from her grandfather

I'll be curious to see how things go next week. Tohru seems strangely underdeveloped as a character so far, and this call makes it look like the focus will shift to her. I'm assuming her grandfather is calling to tell her that she can move back into his house, but I guess we'll see.

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