Fairy Gone Episode 4: Old friends

Sweetie taunts Free

If this series continues on with the general chaos of multiple organizations fighting for the Black Fairy Tome, I think things could end up working out. It's interesting for me to see how the different groups interrelate, so I can follow along. That being said, I still think the series kind of forgets character points or somewhat shoves them into background a lot. As a result, I get the sense that information is annoyingly fragmented in ways I don't think are necessary.

Sweetie's fairy reflects damage

I guess my main question for the episode is still Sweetie's fairy. There's no follow-up to the confusion from last week in this episode, and the issue is largely forgotten when she escapes. Her fairy's power seems absurdly powerful, but the whole black mist makes it hard to see the fight. Additionally, there's no confirmation about how she got the fairy, so I guess I'm meant to assume that she has an illegal organ implant similar to Free's.

Free is skeptical about the Fairy Tome

I'd be more willing to believe Free's skepticism here about the Black Fairy Tome if we hadn't already experienced the dismissal of a fake page from the first episode. If it was so easy to call that page a fake, then the fakes are probably easily identified. So, I'm guessing this page is real...even if it makes the previous episode more confusing. What is this Damien guy playing at?

Free and Marlya are distracted by the odd pair

The significance of Jonathan's theft in this scene seems lost by the fact that we don't see it. We get the sense later in the episode that he's a slippery guy, but I would have liked to see more of a hint of what was happening. It's almost like you have to see more of Free's reaction to understand what happened.

Free figures out the true target

I'm a bit worried about the fact that Patricia's target isn't the Black Fairy Tome. If she's truly after Free, I have a bad feeling that Sweetie just wants to abduct Free out of some odd form of obsession. It makes her seem more like a jilted ex, which I think is a lot less interesting for a character trait.

Veronica shows up to save Marlya

I don't actually mind how Veronica was set up throughout the episode. There's a brief moment where we see her watching over Marlya while she's recovering in bed, so this scene makes sense. The episode also has an unnatural focus on Marlya's memories of Veronica, so this development plays into the idea that Veronica hasn't truly changed as much as she claims. I think it works overall.

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