Dororo Episode 16: Hungry sharks

Itachi wants to see Dororo's back

It was quite interesting this week to see Dororo off on her own. Throughout the entire episode, I was kind of expecting Hyakkimaru to show up at the last minute, but it seems like the story is committing to keeping them apart. The episode ends with Hyakkimaru reuniting with Jukai, the man who gave him his prosthetics. So presumably, next week's episode is going to flip perspectives and give Hyakkimaru his own solo story.

Itachi found Dororo's mother

Itachi goes through a weird series of shifts throughout the episode. I think I mentioned in the episode where he was introduced that I somewhat agreed with his willingness to follow along with the trends of the world. Dororo's father seemed needlessly stubborn by comparison. But it's hard to feel sorry for Itachi after seeing that he dug up Dororo's mother's grave. Yeesh...

The sharks leave everyone for later

I wasn't expecting demon sharks, but they were definitely cool. Part of me really wants one of these sharks to be a demon that contracted with Hyakkimaru's father, even if it seems incredibly unlikely. I just think it would be nice if Dororo helped restore one of Hyakkimaru's organs while the two are separated. That would give the two a stronger sense of connection.

Dororo stands up against the shark

Watching Dororo stand up against the shark was awesome. I like the idea that she's shown to take after her father, and it's just generally entertaining to see her take matters into her own hands. You get a true sense that she's learned to be self-sufficient while travelling with Hyakkimaru.

Itachi turns on Dororo again

The ending got a bit harder to watch for me. Seeing Itachi slip back into his search for the treasure at any cost isn't particularly surprising, but it's unsettling to see him turn on Dororo so easily. In many ways, it makes his character feel a lot more real, though. He has a clear sense of motivation, which can either be good or bad depending on the situation.

Hyakkimaru meets a friend

Wow, it's been a while since we saw that guy. I suppose these stories are meant to mirror each other. Dororo meets Itachi to show how far she's progressed as a character, and Hyakkimaru will similarly meet an old friend from his past.

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