Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 4: Surpassing the boulder

Urokodaki congratulates Tanjirou

The demon in this week's episode was more gruesome than I would have preferred, but I think the episode was alright overall. I'm still sad about the criminal lack of Nezuko, but I guess I can make do with the preview sections. I think the new visual effects in the battles looks cool even if they seem to have come out nowhere. It's more of a commentary on how awkward last week's episode was if anything.

Tanjirou learns a new ability

I question the point of the training montage last week if Tanjirou suddenly gets abilities out of nowhere. There's no real setup, and it makes it seem like it only served the purpose of passing time. I can't believe the series effectively gave Tanjirou the Nose of Death Perception. It would certainly explain why ufotable took this adaptation, though.

Tanjirou defeats demons for the first time

I do like the water effects on Tanjirou's sword. I wasn't sure if they were just a style choice for the opening animation, but it looks like they're actually used. The art has an otherworldly feel to it, from a completely different style. I prefer it over the typical "beams of energy" approach.

Tanjirou confronts a demon that recognizes him

I know that this demon has history with Urokodaki and everything, but this sudden exposition session seemed a lot longer than it should have been. I like the idea that Tanjirou gets to avenge his new ghost friends, but it felt like the conversation was longer than the fight itself. I admit that it's haunting to hear how Sabito and Makomo died, though.

Tanjirou slashed a tough boulder

I guess I was wondering how the boulder was meant to be important, but this really makes me question how much Urokodaki knew about the arm demon. If he gave Tanjirou the warding mask, he probably didn't know that the demon targeted his disciples through the mask. However, the fact that slicing the boulder is directly relevant to slicing the demon's neck is a bit awkward. I got the sense that he was just trying to give Tanjirou an insurmountable challenge, so it seems coincidental.

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