Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin Episode 3: A tricky foe

Arata finds out about kyoshi

This series is such a strange experience. This week's episode sets up Kohaku as a generally capricious character, rather than sticking with him as an antagonist. While it's not the most surprising thing in the world given how quickly he was introduced, I thought it put him on a similar level with Arata overall. They're both just kind of meh characters. The episode seemed to be saying that the recurring theme of the series would be Arata dealing with Kohaku's random tricks, which I'm not sure appeals to me.

Arata keeps learning more

That being said, I still think this series is kind of fun. The kyoshis are an interesting concept, since they seem to bridge the gap between spirit and physical. They're definitely just glorified zombies, but they fit the bill for a low-level encounter.

Kohaku tricks some girls into his ritual

I get that Kohaku didn't directly entrap these girls, but I still find it strange that he's largely forgiven for it. I know the episode is trying to set him up as someone who doesn't care, but he ends up seeming more heinous than he should be. I think I might have been more okay with it if he had tricked the girls into the ritual, but he just uses girls who were abducted by a different demon. Am I supposed to take this guy seriously?

Reinforcements arrive

The episode also seems to set up the idea that other districts exist as sources of aid, which I thought was interesting. I was hoping they'd contribute more than they did, but I like the idea of the agencies interacting with each other.

Arata remembers his grandfather's lessons

As I said last week, I have the hardest time identifying with Arata. It feels like he skates by with information he truly shouldn't have any business knowing. It's clear that he spent his childhood ignoring his grandfather's stories about Abe no Seimei, after all. Given the nature of his job, you'd think he would have taken the opportunity to get a full refresher course or something.

A larger plot arrives

I guess this counts as developing the side characters. I haven't even been keeping track of this guy's name so far, so this makes him more identifiable. The revelation probably could have been hinted at a bit more, but I guess it's not totally random.

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