Fairy Gone Episode 3: Adding to the chaos

Surviving Fairy Soldiers are few

While this week's episode still had its disagreeable moments, I thought it was a lot better than the previous two episodes. It actually seemed like it was trying harder to explain the world, and I didn't get the sense that it was bombarding me with action sequences. Additionally, we get a better explanation of the Black Fairy Tome, which is potentially less of a MacGuffin than it seems to be with the developments at the end of the episode.

Wolfran discusses his intentions

I feel like this series has an issue with restating things that it's already established. From the previous episode, it's not hard to guess that Wolfran's wife and child were killed in the war, fueling his current endeavors. However, the episode starts by showing him as he figures this out. I'd be fine if it added something else to his background in the meantime, but I didn't get that sense.

Free and Marlya learn about the Fairy Tome

I think the description of the Black Fairy Tome is a bit reminiscent of the "One Ring", but it's fairly interesting. We get a decent sense of why everyone wants to find it, and the episode seems to introduce multiple factions that are targeting it. Additionally, this comment about fairy possession implies that Marlya's condition is somehow related to the Black Fairy Tome, which could be promising.

The tome is a trap

I'm not sure how to interpret this scene. It seems like Damien's suggesting that he set up Axel's robbery, which implies that he wouldn't risk the real Black Fairy Tome page. Alternatively, he could just be saying that the implication about the Black Fairy Tome itself was meant to draw the attention of Arcame, Dorothea, and Gui Carlin. Either way, I find it hard to believe that they're fighting over something legitimate.

Free confronts Sweetie

I do like the idea that Free's past with Gui Carlin isn't just a throwaway, and he's legitimately confronted by Sweetie. Ridiculous names aside, the chaotic structure of the post-war world is interesting to see. We get a decent sense of the major powers that have cropped up in the aftermath.

Sweetie summons a fairy

Based on Free's reaction here, I think it's safe to assume that Sweetie shouldn't have a fairy here. At the beginning of the episode, it's suggested that the government keeps track of all known Fairy Soldiers, so he would presumably know that. If it turns out that Sweetie is fairy-possessed, that could have some cool implications for the Black Fairy Tome, so it's my preferred interpretation. Alternatively, she could just have an implanted heart like Free, which probably gets closer to the artificial fairy production stuff that's happening in the background.

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